S&TF is truly amazing. I've tried many programs out there (Camp Gladiator, LA Fitness, etc.) and S&TF is the only thing that works. These guys know what they're doing! Whatever your fitness goal may be, these guys will help you meet them. I started S&TF to prepare for my wedding. I wanted to lose weight and tone and I did exactly that! Losing weight has always been a challenge for me but I was able to change my body composition with S&TF. I ended up looking 30 lbs lighter just in time for my wedding. I wouldn't have been able to do it without their fitness coaching + guidance. I have also drastically changed my diet due to these guys. I'm eating clean now and it's a lifestyle change/shift. I have no one but S&TF to thank for it. I highly recommend them. I did both the FUBAR Versa Climber (30 min. workout) and small group Strength & Conditioning class (40 min. workout) with them. Extremely time-efficient workouts. Because of S&TF, I can't do an hour long workout anymore! Don't waste your time and money with any other program...really. Thank you Jacques + Rob!

Wendy W.