Jacques, the owner, has a passion and knowledge like no other trainer. He's an incredible teacher with limitless energy. Patient and motivating, he cares about every person that walks through the door. Old client or new. Most importantly, Jacques focuses on nutrition and eating real food. He educates clients on how to eat healthier because it's not about a temporary diet, but a sustainable lifestyle change. 

The environment is inclusive and never intimidating, unlike most other gyms. Everyone is there to help you. Mark is the other trainer and he's great as well. He is passionate and knows his stuff. He and Jacques are very welcoming and mellow. 

Sirens and Titans offers professional equipment, great facilities, and friendly trainers. 

If you're an average person (like me) who wants Olympic-calibre training and facilities, choose S&TF.

If you care about your health, choose S&TF.

Just call or email Jacques.


Tom S.