David Iglewicz

About two years ago I was reading a book on primal health written by Mark Sisson. There was a mention of a performance trainer that believed in these methods and trained elite athletes. I did an internet search and reached out to him. His name is Jacques Devore, and I was in absolute shock that he responded to the email I sent.

After talking to him I thought this could advance my cycling ability and increase my health/longevity. Win/win!!!! We started the working on force production. Then we integrated the force and worked on power by doing the explosive walking lunges. I noticed a huge improvement in being able to sustain a sprint. I always had a good jump, but now I was able to hold that top end speed longer.

In October 2017 we switched from walking lunges to an inertial based machine that basically allows you to do a measured plyometric movement. Holy cow!!! This thing ate up my legs and totally depleted my neuromuscular system. Now I was able to hold my sustained power even longer and able to sprint and sprint and sprint as needed in a points race on the track.

Here I am writing this just winning at nationals in the points race and getting 2nd in the Scratch and second in the pursuit.

I can’t thank you enough Jacques Devore!!!!!

David Iglewicz DMD