About four months ago my doctor told me if I did not make changes in my lifestyle, I would become diabetic.  I was gaining weight and constantly breaking out in acne.  As someone who never experienced weight issues as a child, I had no idea what to do.  The minimal direction I received from my doctor left me confused and frightened.  I tried to eat healthier and started adding cardio to my routine but I was not progressing.  About two months later, I had the opportunity to join the Sirens & Titans Fitness two-week focus group last November.

I was extremely skeptical but thought I would give it a try.  While the first two weeks were extremely difficult, my friends noticed positive changes in my appearance.   I lost almost 3% body fat in my first two weeks!  In addition to being incredibly sore, I suffered from intense withdrawals and nausea due to a significantly reduction in my refined sugars and nutrient vacant carbohydrates intake.  I went from having 4 servings of some sort of carby food to maybe one serving of nutrient dense carbs a day. I stuck with it and three months later I am impressed with my progress.  I have lost about a pound a week, improved my health, reduced my risk for diabetes, gained more confidence and look great!

I attribute my success to the support and guidance I received from Jacques and the team at Sirens & Titans Fitness.  Whenever I was struggling or had doubts I would remember what Jacques told us in the Focus Group Orientation, about jumping in with two feet and being committed as well as motivated.  My cravings for snacks have decreased and I do not feel hungry all the time like I used to.  Jacques has taught me what foods to remove from my diet in addition to teaching me what foods to incorporate so I am not hungry.  All of these dietary adjustments have been gradual to ensure they are sustainable life changes.

What is even more incredible is my increased strength.  While on vacation I participated in a ropes, rock climbing and zip lining course.  Without my training from S&TF I would have never been able to finish the entire track, let alone attempt to try the courses.

I am so happy for the help S&TF has given me to get my health on track, teaching me how to eat properly, and to rely on my own strength to motivate me to accomplish more.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found this program.

Ariel W.