The Sirens & Titans Fitness Program

Fitness Coaching

  • To get you to your best you!

  • Nothing we do is Random! We are your Nutrition Coach, Strength Coach, and Accountability Partner all in one!

  • We are coaches not trainers. We want you to realize the highest level of your genetic potential.

  • You will receive a One-on-One Fitness Evaluation to establish your personal baseline so we know where to begin. Nothing we do is random!

  • Athletic coaching individualized to meet your level of fitness.

  • Our no impact workouts make our program sustainable.

  • Sustainable 55 min workouts.

  • Small group training, with a max of 5 people per coach, allows us to give you lots of attention!

  • S&TF training is based on the science of training world class athletes which insures great results.

  • Perfect for the competitive athlete or an individual just starting out.

  • Each workout has a primary objective: Strength, strength endurance, power…etc. We determine what your primary objective should be for each workout to speed increases in fitness, health and body comp.

  • There is an underlying periodization to all the workouts to maximize your training results.

  • We have had great success in fitness, health and weight loss in over 85% of our members.

  • Optimum results have been seen with no more than 1.5 hours of training per week.

Nutritional Coaching

  • To get you to the best possible you as quickly as possible.

  • As part of the program, you will be required to fill in a convenient online food journal for the first 8-10 weeks you are with us. We look at the information every 7 days and coach you on the tactics and strategies to help you improve your body composition.

  • Our coaching is based on the most up-to-date nutritional science and weight loss research.

Nutritional Discussion and Fitness Evaluation
Where are you starting from?

Success in anything is built on a sound strategy.  This is only accomplished by really understanding your starting point.  If you do not know where you are, how do you expect to make any progress?

Our initial evaluation is where we establish your individual goals, where you are starting, and how we are going to help you get there.  We evaluate and discuss all aspects of your health and wellness and share with you what ingredients are needed to produce a successful outcome.  We have regular follow up meetings to make sure that we continue to produce results for you!

Initial healthy eating/nutritional discussion, and one on one fitness evaluation: $150.00.  This is a one-time session, and is a requirement prior to starting any of the S&TF group workouts.  The appointment will take approximately 1.5 hours.  In addition to discussing your fitness goals, we determine any bio-mechanical issues and your current fitness (mobility, Strength, Core, and Cardio).  If time permits we will conduct an Ultra Sound Body Composition analysis during this evaluation or else at another date.  This evaluation will establish your baselines and enable us to progress you appropriately, in order for you to meet your fitness goals efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Here's what some of our clients are saying from our recent Keto Clinic!

It was excellent and re-inspired me to get back on the logging and why certain details may not be as important as others in terms of how you analyze things. 

- David A


I learned a lot from you on Sunday. I also really like that I’ve started more cardio. And although it was hard d and I’m not as in shape as some of the other people I really felt great after the workout. Also I just came from the diabetes dr and I lost 1.5 inches from my waist!!  She said keep up doing what I’m doing. So I’m trying to follow your food recommendations more closely. I’m going to do the journal too


Thanks for great health!! I’m so happy 

- Debbie V


Thank YOU! It was very interesting and I really liked the workout. I am trying to keep a Keto eye on what I eat, although not sure I’m ready to give up my favorite overnight oats for breakfast. :) 

- Gillian N


It was so interesting and informative that I wish I had a tape recording of the whole lecture. The whole idea of ketosis, Pure could Ketosis, is very frightening to me. However, the way that you presented it began to make sense. Since you are not in complete ketosis your diet is far more healthy than what I read on the Internet. I have so many questions I don’t think 24 hours is enough, but I can see the benefit for me

- Ariel L