I must preface this review with explaining that I am NOT an athlete. I've never done any sports and was always the last person picked in PE class.  I didn't start working out seriously until I was well into my 30s.  Now at my age with a busy schedule as well as aches and pains from knee arthritis and an previously injured shoulder, it is most important to me to train smart and efficiency.

There's a TON of fitness places in what makes Sirens & Titans so special?
What I like in my workouts:  EFFICIENCY, personal/individualized attention, personal space, cleanliness, good equipment, hard workouts. I like to go to places where they know my name. I like to have a goal.  I don't need the frills of fancy gyms with lights and fancy flooring, peppy aerobics-type instructors on mikes, etc, etc.  If you need that kind of thing, then go somewhere like West Hollywood or Brentwood.  I love this place because I value my health and time.  I've checked out other places but this program is really amazing.  The strength training is the gem.  They are NOT "fitness classes", they are more comparable to personal training.  They are group personal training sessions.  At their prices, it is a great deal as you cannot pay this price for personal training anywhere.  Trust me.  I've had 3 other personal trainers. 

This is my home "gym" for the past year as I've come to realize that TIME is my most valuable asset.  I dislike big gyms, big classes, crowded spaces with people or equipment close together, running on treadmills, unchallenging or slow workouts, and meaningless exercise. I'm tired of burpees and feel like hour long cardio classes are a waste of time with repetitive meaningless motion that leaves me at a higher risk of injury if I do them incorrectly which is more likely with stress and fatigue or just simply being unaware of incorrect form. I've also learned that it's simply not true that you can "just exercise" to get in shape.  I used to exercise "all the time"...and I was also exhausted and got sick all the time. For real lasting change that limits injury, it's important to stick to something and have a tailored program that safely progresses you in a safe environment.  

If you are on CLASSPASS, try out the FUBAR class.  I pay full price for the elite sessions (2-3 times a week) and combine it with FUBAR classes about once a week.  People ask me all the time if I "like" the FUBAR workout at Sirens.  I always answer this with hesitation because I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love it because it's so efficient and challenging but I also "hate" it because it's tough. I do the FUBAR classes because it is the most efficient cardio workout that I have ever tried.  I hate cardio workouts...but hey, it's only 30 minutes!  Trust me, I always want to DIE...but it's worth it! I feel much better afterward.  And it's ONLY 30 MINUTES!!!   

Whether you're an athlete or a couch potato, this is the place for you IF YOU ARE READY TO GET SERIOUS about your fitness.  The trainers Jacque, Jens, and Rob all get really excited about helping their clients reach their fitness goals.  I've been amazed as I've seen people's bodies change before my very eyes!  Stick to the nutrition coaching!  Listen to Jacque (the owner) as he really knows what it's talking about!  If you value your health and time as much as I do, check this place out!

                                                                                                                - Lisa Yens