I took the FUBAR versaclimber class with Jacques this morning, and boy is the class aptly named!  I was the only one in the class (pleasantly surprised the class wasn't canceled!) so had some very valuable one on one time with Jacques, the owner of S&TF, who also trains elite athletes.  Unlike at Rise Nation, the FUBAR class is HIIT focused.  Jacques taught me how to maximize my 20/30/45 second interval by not starting out too strong and maintaining the pace and intensity for the duration of the interval.  I quickly learned that much of this workout is mental as much if not more so than physical.  Do Not Quit! is the mantra on the wall of the class.  

Jacques did a great job of encouraging my best performance.  He set realistic baselines and goals that I was able to meet and, to my amazement, exceed throughout the class.  I won't lie - I was ready to throw up at one point and by the end of the class my upper thighs burned like mad.  I work out regularly and am in good shape so I can't remember the last time I was sore from a class.  But after this class not only was I hobbling around this afternoon but I'm also starting to feel soreness in my back, as Jacques noted the upper body component of the workout is not noticeable but you'll feel it later.

I absolutely loved my experience today and feel so accomplished!  I definitely will be back again soon!

Alison B.