I joined Sirens & Titans Fitness for their very first focus group in Los Angeles — that was September of 2013. Together with a small group of outrigger paddling friends, I continued to workout with Jacques, Jens and Rob throughout the construction process.  During the next year and a half we participated in the small group strength and conditioning workouts and even did a month of the Elite Program!  Throughout this time my endurance increased, and I got stronger, on and off the water.  I became much fitter and stronger than I thought I would ever be at this age (I am 46).  My body composition also improved drastically.

Enter, the VersaClimber!  The entire S&TF team started telling me that in order to take my fitness to the next level I should consider doing the FUBAR VersaClimber Group Workouts.  The mere thought of being on that machine for 30 minutes was more than I could imagine.  Mind you, every year I paddle 32 miles to Catalina, which takes 5 plus hours, but I could not fathom what 30 minutes would be like in a FUBAR workout. At one point, I actually told Jacque and Jens that I was afraid of the VersaClimber, and would need a bucket at the end of 30 minutes cause I would be sick for sure!

In February S&TF hosted a lovely event for women only that included a free VersaClimber group workout.  Now, who can refuse free?  Not me, so I decided to commit to the free 30-minute challenge. I set my mind to the fact that I can do anything for 30 minutes.  As I strapped my feet into the climber I nearly had a panic attack, but took a deep breathe and reminded myself—it is only 30 minutes.  I will not lie, it was a very challenging 30 minutes, but the coaches were super supportive, encouraging and downright amazing!

When the workout ended, I could not believe 30 minutes had passed!  My girlfriend and I stepped off the machine, breathing quite heavily, and immediately said to each other, “That wasn’t so bad!”  Before we exited S&TF that day we had committed to purchasing a package of 10 FUBAR workouts.

The VersaClimber workouts, which I do just once per week in conjunction with my other activities, have increased my endurance immensely.  I am learning how to better control my power output, and pace myself for both distance and shorter outrigger races.  While I find the workouts extremely challenging, they are rewarding, and the support of the coaches is phenomenal.

If you are considering the VersaClimber, but afraid of it, I want to encourage you to step up, strap yourself in and remember, “You can do anything for 30 minutes!”

Marni P