Sirens & Titans Fitness combine a focused and educated approach to fitness and training.  I think that their method is particularly successful if you happen to be a person that excels with a very structured training program, and/or are a person looking to supplement whatever sport you practice, with weight training.

I wanted to train with Jacques, because of his knowledge around weight training, and how best to tailor it to my hobby, cycling.  What S&TF brought, beyond that expectation, was a structured approach that would help me manage my diet,and a thorough analysis of body fat composition, flexibility, strength, power, etc.  Their monitoring of food journals, and weekly feedback provided an eye opening experience.  They will work with you to find things that you enjoy eating, that fit with your goals.  Since starting with S&TF, my weight loss has been steady.

The work Jacques has done with me has been focused on strength, power, and more specifically, maximum sustained power.  Jacques explained the different between strength and power, and how he was going to build my strength, turn that into power, and then increase duration and intensity to allow me to hold it as long as possible.  He takes meticulous notes of each workout, which allows us to go back and see where I’ve made the biggest gains, and how far I’ve come.  For me, the biggest results we’ve produced lie in this maximum sustained power range.  I can push on the peddles harder, for longer, as a result of training with Jacques.  For a cyclist, there is no greater tool.

The staff at S&TF are polite, friendly, and professional.  It is clear that their goal is to help you achieve your goals, and they work hard at it.  They tailor their method of communication to your convenience, whether it be a text message, email, or phone call. They are flexible, fair, and always happy to see you.

The coaching staff has specific knowledge on a number of sports.  If you seek them out, they will make you better at whatever you do.  Of the people I’ve met in the gym, there have been cyclists, runners, track runners, swimmers, crew, triathletes, basketball players, and probably many others I’m missing.  However, I think this gym would be ideal for a person looking to take any athletic training to the next level.  I could imagine a huge benefit for a golfer, or softball player here.  Jacques picks apart the sport, determines what a person would need to be better, and tailors a workout to make that chance.

All you weekend warriors, this is the gym that is going to give you an edge on your competition.

Brad W.