Sam M

I read the book and started doing the workout. After two workouts I noticed a big difference in my power output and endurance increase at full power. I wasn't positive I understood how to progress through the program right (the book can be confusing at times, but still well worth it.). So, I got on the phone and called the author's gym. I've now been working remotely on coaching with Jacques for just shy of three months weekly. It's been fantastic. The other day I went out after doing the workouts twice weekly but not having ridden a bike for almost three weeks. I did 65 miles of hard, steep, hilly riding (the only kind here in VT!). I was still attacking every hill in the final five miles of the ride as if I had just started, which is NOT something I've ever been able to remotely do before. My average speed for this kind of ride went up by 1.7 MPH. You should know that I'm not a racer. I'm a touring, gravel grinding, MTB guy. I ride a 32 LB gravel/touring rig with HEAVY wheels. I never thought I could get faster on this bike, and I've done a good amount of standard interval training, along with a very different kind of weight training, in the past to no avail. So, do I go fast now compared to most? No. But going from an average of 11.3 MPH on that kind of hilly, long ride to 13 MPH average was like crashing through a wall that seemed impenetrable for years of riding. On a flatter 55-mile ride a few weeks earlier I averaged 14.2 MPH where I previously had hit a multi-year wall at 12.5 MPH. And I keep on improving and hitting new speeds (20+ MPH on mild inclines for some extended periods have been achieved in about Zone 3, which was insanely cool.). Like I said, the book can be a little confusing, but it's also new territory, which always takes some getting used to. There's no other book out there that does what this does, no other program I've ever come across as for real to build speed coupled with endurance at max power. Also, an added benefit is that your upper body feels so much better and less fatigued at the end of long rides. If you are so inclined, after you read the book I'd suggest calling the author and getting some coaching to bring the magic up even another level. It's been fun, and the results don't lie.