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nutritional coaching for changing your body.


The best athletes of the future are determined by those who receive the best of themselves in the present. Most athletes don't realize how good they could be.


The Sirens & Titans Fitness Weight Loss Program

  • S&TF addresses weight loss by educating clients on how weight is gained and lost, and then coaching the participant weekly on changes they need to make to reach optimal body weight and energy levels. 

  • Clients learn how they individually metabolize food,a key component to successful weight loss and sustainability. 

  • Clients are also exposed to the problems that semi-starvation and restrictive diets present.

  • The S&TF weight loss program is not a diet!  Weight loss is addressed from the most recent research on the science of weight loss and eating. 

  • Armed with this understanding, you will be able to make rapid changes in your body and health.  It will surprise you that there is a sustainable way to eat healthy, not be hungry, and lose or easily maintain your weight. 

all in one!

Signature Elite Program - SEE WHAT WE DO!

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