Goals vs. Outcomes Both in Training and Life

Goals, most athletes make them; winning my next competition;  win the State Championship, etc.   There is an art to Goal setting and it takes some thought to make the experience useful. 

We utilize goals on a regular basis at www.sirensandtitansfitness.com .   We set goals on a particular workout, exercise, week of exercises, months etc. .  Goals are built into the periodization calendar we create for the athlete.  Utilizing and monitoring these goals is of great importance in making rapid progress in strength and conditioning. 

However, many athletes confuse goals with outcomes.  Especially younger athletes who are oftentimes trying to figure out what sport they really like to compete in.  This is where the difference between goals and outcomes becomes clearer and more important.

As stated in the example above a goal has a particular hard measurement of achievement.   A win, a PR, etc.  Whereas an outcome typically has an emotional component to the individual involved.  I want to be happy.  I want to enjoy the camaraderie of a team.  I want to experience the joy of competition, training, pushing myself harder than I ever have etc.  It has a feeling attached to the experience.

The outcome will dictate how you feel.  You could win all your competitions and still not have a positive outcome.  You could also lose all your competitions and be the happiest competitor on the field of play.

So remember to look at both.  Goals are important, but Outcomes will make you feel better about your sport and in most cases are of greater importance.

You are typically happier by focusing on outcomes first and goals support the outcome you desire. 

Truth in Fitness,

Jacques DeVore, CSCS, Primal Health Coach Certified.