The Holy Grail of Fitness. How is your search going?



What is Sirens and Titans Fitness? It is a 20, 30, 40, 50+ person who is in search of a result. Athlete and non-athlete alike. They are looking for a major change in fitness or body. Most want better strength to weight and power to weight. They want to be fit without adding size. Better movement and athletic performance. They sweat it out in a Spin Class, Boot Camp, Met Con workouts, group X workouts, and personal training sessions. They are in search of the answer to why they are not seeing a result and hope that by trying something new they will find it. So they bounce from thing to thing thinking that if they just do more it is better. They do not realize that most of the time they are doing the same thing, just in a new wrapper. We have never had more fitness available to the public in the history of mankind with lesser results. Why? Are these people lazy or undisciplined? In most cases no. They are just unaware and think that solving this riddle is a simple equation of exercise more and eat less. They will find the Holy Grail of Fitness! Of course as humans we always look for the simplest answer. People will come in and want a trial workout to see what we are about.

They are asking the wrong question. We are happy to provide a trial. But if your problem is mobility and we perform a trial, the workout may be so easy that you go home thinking that it was a poor workout or worse yet if we do not pay attention to your mobility issues, you may injure yourself. . People equate hard with greater value. The right question is what type of strategy will we develop to get me to my goal and why that is the strategy that we think will work for you! A trial workout really is a tactical view of what we do. A snapshot of a much bigger album. If you were driving from LA to NYC and had 3 days to get there, you would not stop at every gas station along the way and ask for directions. You would pull out a map and plan out a route. This route would be dynamic and would have to deal with potential setbacks along the way. Now let’s make it even more interesting and start you without even knowing where you are starting from? You do not even know you are in Los Angeles. This would be difficult to plan, however this is how people determine their strategy for obtaining a result in health and fitness. So new clients come into my office depressed, frustrated, unfit, over trained, overweight, biomechanically unsound, unsuccessful at obtaining the result they want and hear we are good at getting these results. I then let them know that we can really help them but the first thing we have to do is an evaluation. It is 1.5 hours with me to determine goals, gaps in their current strategy, and establish a baseline of fitness, nutrition, and health. In most cases these same people tell me they do not need an evaluation. They are very fit and this is a waste of their time and money. They eat well and know how to train well. This may be true, but this strategy may be good, but not good for their goal. They want me to not even know what city we are starting from on this trek.

I then tell them that the fitter they are the more important the evaluation. As you get fitter the strategy and tactics to obtain a gain is more difficult. It is much more difficult to get Usain Bolt to run faster than it is to get someone who has never really trained that much. It is much harder to get body composition down when it is already below the average.

So if you do not want to be the 20, 30, 40, 50+ person who is endlessly trying to search for this elusive level of fitness, start by doing it different. Be smart and determine where you are starting from and lay out a plan for where you want to go. If your time is valuable then look at fitness as an investment and not a cost and be wise about developing something that is different from just a random approach. Most people would not do this in their professional life, but when it comes to fitness they think that they got it. The fitness industry is counting on this type of mentality and count on it to build their business. Who is Sirens and Titans Fitness? We want to get you a result, and will stay with the ideal of “Truth in Fitness” So when you are finally ready to really train, come and see us.

Truth in Fitness

Jacques DeVore