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David Baar

 I've been training with a Jacques for 2 months now and am seriously impressed by the progress I have made. I would describe myself as the typical traditional cyclists, who loves to climb and hence is almost ‘scared’ of lifting weights. However, I do have an open mind and once I was introduced to Jacques Maximum Overload Method I knew that if I wanted to break the stagnation of the last year and get to a new level, I had to try it out. The immediate results were amazing, after 3 weeks I set a new w/kg personal best for a 1-min effort, 5% higher than what I tested just the weekend before Jacques started my training. The next eye-opener was another 3 weeks later, when I lined up for the Taiwan KOM Challenge, which features probably one of the toughest climbs on this planet. Continuously climbing from sea level to 3,275m, the last 10km are the real test of mental and physical fitness. This last stretch of the 85km climb features gradients as high as 27% and averages around 15%. It was brutal and beautiful at the same time. The best part was the confidence I gained after I went over the first steeper part and realized, that after four hours of climbing, the power was still there to push through, even if it was getting steeper and steeper. This was new to me, and I solely attribute that to the maximum overload approach, as that is exactly what we focused on. After this realization I couldn’t wait to get back to Los Angeles and to continue my training with Jacques in preparation of the 2017 season. If the first 6 weeks are an indicator, it should definitely be a real good one. At this point I’m 2 months into my training and the improvements occurred exactly as predicted by Jacques: power is up, body weight remains the same, and climbing never felt as awesome!


David Baar
Professional Cyclist


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David Zabriskie

I was so lucky to have found Jacques.  I have seen a lot of coaches during my career as a professional cyclist for 15 years.  I am a six time United States Time Trial Champion, have raced the Tour de France seven times and participated in 13 Grand Tours.  During that time, I have seen a lot of coaches; however Jacques presented me with a unique method for training and an impressive understanding of the underlying physiology at play for both on and off the bike.  He is an incredible asset to any athlete at any level.  He was immediately able to target the areas I needed the most concentration and I saw an improvement almost immediately.   My power improved dramatically and my ability to hold power up a climb increased substantially.  He is a strength and conditioning coach that has a tremendous understanding of what an endurance athlete needs to succeed.

David Zabriskie
Professional Cyclist
6 X USA TT Champion

During 2013 Jacques was David Zabriskie’s strength, conditioning as well as his cycling coach.


Sirens & Titans Fitness combine a focused and educated approach to fitness and training.  I think that their method is particularly successful if you happen to be a person that excels with a very structured training program, and/or are a person looking to supplement whatever sport you practice, with weight training.

I wanted to train with Jacques, because of his knowledge around weight training, and how best to tailor it to my hobby, cycling.  What S&TF brought, beyond that expectation, was a structured approach that would help me manage my diet,and a thorough analysis of body fat composition, flexibility, strength, power, etc.  Their monitoring of food journals, and weekly feedback provided an eye opening experience.  They will work with you to find things that you enjoy eating, that fit with your goals.  Since starting with S&TF, my weight loss has been steady.

The work Jacques has done with me has been focused on strength, power, and more specifically, maximum sustained power.  Jacques explained the different between strength and power, and how he was going to build my strength, turn that into power, and then increase duration and intensity to allow me to hold it as long as possible.  He takes meticulous notes of each workout, which allows us to go back and see where I’ve made the biggest gains, and how far I’ve come.  For me, the biggest results we’ve produced lie in this maximum sustained power range.  I can push on the peddles harder, for longer, as a result of training with Jacques.  For a cyclist, there is no greater tool.

The staff at S&TF are polite, friendly, and professional.  It is clear that their goal is to help you achieve your goals, and they work hard at it.  They tailor their method of communication to your convenience, whether it be a text message, email, or phone call. They are flexible, fair, and always happy to see you.

The coaching staff has specific knowledge on a number of sports.  If you seek them out, they will make you better at whatever you do.  Of the people I’ve met in the gym, there have been cyclists, runners, track runners, swimmers, crew, triathletes, basketball players, and probably many others I’m missing.  However, I think this gym would be ideal for a person looking to take any athletic training to the next level.  I could imagine a huge benefit for a golfer, or softball player here.  Jacques picks apart the sport, determines what a person would need to be better, and tailors a workout to make that chance.

All you weekend warriors, this is the gym that is going to give you an edge on your competition.

Brad W.


I am 62 and an active participant in the USATF Masters Division normally running middle distance events.  I compete as a member of the SoCal track Club and most recently won a silver medal in the 4 x 800 relay at the National Masters Indoor Meet in Boston in March 2014.  Longer term,  I am interested in running shorter, sprint distances and started working with Jacques DeVore at Sirens &Titans Fitness, since April 2014, to improve my speed and power and am very pleased with the results in the six months of training.

Jacques and his team understand my objectives and have developed a program designed to achieve them.  S&TF does not promote a cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.  Individual attention is a hallmark of the S&TF approach and method. Right now my weekly regime consists of three 30 minute VersaClimber cardiovascular sessions, and two or three 45 minute Elite Workouts consisting of strength and  power training sessions for upper body, legs and core.

The VersaClimber sessions include about four or five different routines that are rotated over a two week cycle and provide an intense, non-impact cardiovascular workout that, depending on the routine, emphasize aerobic or anaerobic development or both.  They are a great supplement to the 3 days of actual running/road work I do.  There is no question that my anaerobic fitness has improved as a result of the VersaClimber workouts and without the pounding of actual road work.

The Elite sessions cover strength, power, flexibility and stability and pack a lot of work into 45 minutes.  Jacques has state of the art knowledge of the physiology of exercise and fitnessand understands the difference between speed and power and the importance of both.   As well, we are constantly working on stability and flexibility as those provide the foundation for strength and power.  Not surprisingly,  both my gross strength and my power have noticeably improved since I started these workouts.  Again, the workouts are individually designed, and Jacques and Coach Rob Robinson pay careful attention to technique and mechanics in the performance of the exercises.

Finally, Jacques understands the importance of appropriate and adequate rest and recovery in the training regime, particularly for older athletes.  Yes, I admit I am an “older” athlete.  Significantly, I have not lost any time to injury or over-training as a result of any work at S&TF.

David W.
USATF Masters Division Runner


About four months ago my doctor told me if I did not make changes in my lifestyle, I would become diabetic.  I was gaining weight and constantly breaking out in acne.  As someone who never experienced weight issues as a child, I had no idea what to do.  The minimal direction I received from my doctor left me confused and frightened.  I tried to eat healthier and started adding cardio to my routine but I was not progressing.  About two months later, I had the opportunity to join the Sirens & Titans Fitness two-week focus group last November.

I was extremely skeptical but thought I would give it a try.  While the first two weeks were extremely difficult, my friends noticed positive changes in my appearance.   I lost almost 3% body fat in my first two weeks!  In addition to being incredibly sore, I suffered from intense withdrawals and nausea due to a significantly reduction in my refined sugars and nutrient vacant carbohydrates intake.  I went from having 4 servings of some sort of carby food to maybe one serving of nutrient dense carbs a day. I stuck with it and three months later I am impressed with my progress.  I have lost about a pound a week, improved my health, reduced my risk for diabetes, gained more confidence and look great!

I attribute my success to the support and guidance I received from Jacques and the team at Sirens & Titans Fitness.  Whenever I was struggling or had doubts I would remember what Jacques told us in the Focus Group Orientation, about jumping in with two feet and being committed as well as motivated.  My cravings for snacks have decreased and I do not feel hungry all the time like I used to.  Jacques has taught me what foods to remove from my diet in addition to teaching me what foods to incorporate so I am not hungry.  All of these dietary adjustments have been gradual to ensure they are sustainable life changes.

What is even more incredible is my increased strength.  While on vacation I participated in a ropes, rock climbing and zip lining course.  Without my training from S&TF I would have never been able to finish the entire track, let alone attempt to try the courses.

I am so happy for the help S&TF has given me to get my health on track, teaching me how to eat properly, and to rely on my own strength to motivate me to accomplish more.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have found this program.

Ariel W.


The Sirens & Titans Fitness  program has enabled me to recover power and endurance I thought I had lost ten years ago.  I’ve gained a higher level of sustainable power than I can ever remember having in the past.  Their practical application of current scientific principles and one-on-one coaching are elevating my PR’s and improving my body composition.  And their nutritional coaching is helping me improve my power-to-weight ratio which is key in competitive cycling.  I’m making these gains with two intense thirty-minute workouts a week.  I prefer to be out on my bike rather than in the gym, but these workouts are improving my cycling performance so much that I dare not miss them.

This is a no-BS program that has net tangible and sustainable results.  S&TF is delivering for me.  I honestly feel like I’ve rolled the clock back.

Randy P.
Competitive Cyclist


Fantastic workout at Sirens & Titans Fitness. The owner Jacques Devore put me through the paces in his signature Fubar Versaclimber class. Man, one of the hardest workouts that I've done EVER!!!!!! Talking about getting my heart rate through the ceiling....and THEN SOME. Felt an amazing endorphin rush afterwards and gratitude for the possibility to experience this training first hand. I appreciate the kick in the butt, that was Outstanding!

                                                                                                                           - SpaseInc


I joined Sirens & Titans Fitness for their very first focus group in Los Angeles — that was September of 2013. Together with a small group of outrigger paddling friends, I continued to workout with Jacques, Jens and Rob throughout the construction process.  During the next year and a half we participated in the small group strength and conditioning workouts and even did a month of the Elite Program!  Throughout this time my endurance increased, and I got stronger, on and off the water.  I became much fitter and stronger than I thought I would ever be at this age (I am 46).  My body composition also improved drastically.

Enter, the VersaClimber!  The entire S&TF team started telling me that in order to take my fitness to the next level I should consider doing the FUBAR VersaClimber Group Workouts.  The mere thought of being on that machine for 30 minutes was more than I could imagine.  Mind you, every year I paddle 32 miles to Catalina, which takes 5 plus hours, but I could not fathom what 30 minutes would be like in a FUBAR workout. At one point, I actually told Jacque and Jens that I was afraid of the VersaClimber, and would need a bucket at the end of 30 minutes cause I would be sick for sure!

In February S&TF hosted a lovely event for women only that included a free VersaClimber group workout.  Now, who can refuse free?  Not me, so I decided to commit to the free 30-minute challenge. I set my mind to the fact that I can do anything for 30 minutes.  As I strapped my feet into the climber I nearly had a panic attack, but took a deep breathe and reminded myself—it is only 30 minutes.  I will not lie, it was a very challenging 30 minutes, but the coaches were super supportive, encouraging and downright amazing!

When the workout ended, I could not believe 30 minutes had passed!  My girlfriend and I stepped off the machine, breathing quite heavily, and immediately said to each other, “That wasn’t so bad!”  Before we exited S&TF that day we had committed to purchasing a package of 10 FUBAR workouts.

The VersaClimber workouts, which I do just once per week in conjunction with my other activities, have increased my endurance immensely.  I am learning how to better control my power output, and pace myself for both distance and shorter outrigger races.  While I find the workouts extremely challenging, they are rewarding, and the support of the coaches is phenomenal.

If you are considering the VersaClimber, but afraid of it, I want to encourage you to step up, strap yourself in and remember, “You can do anything for 30 minutes!”

Marni P


One of the best private gyms I've been to as far as some of the best performance exercise equipment, friendly & knowledgable staff and a modern decor. Very clean and easily navigable all the while keeping an atmosphere where the energy is high for an effective workout! 

Jacques is the owner & head trainer here and is one of the most passionate & knowledgable person I've ever met in the fitness industry. This place offers personal training as well as high intensity classes with the kick-butt Versa Climbers. 

This private gym is definitely worth a visit if you're looking to improve your fitness and reach your goals.



I took the FUBAR versaclimber class with Jacques this morning, and boy is the class aptly named!  I was the only one in the class (pleasantly surprised the class wasn't canceled!) so had some very valuable one on one time with Jacques, the owner of S&TF, who also trains elite athletes.  Unlike at Rise Nation, the FUBAR class is HIIT focused.  Jacques taught me how to maximize my 20/30/45 second interval by not starting out too strong and maintaining the pace and intensity for the duration of the interval.  I quickly learned that much of this workout is mental as much if not more so than physical.  Do Not Quit! is the mantra on the wall of the class.  

Jacques did a great job of encouraging my best performance.  He set realistic baselines and goals that I was able to meet and, to my amazement, exceed throughout the class.  I won't lie - I was ready to throw up at one point and by the end of the class my upper thighs burned like mad.  I work out regularly and am in good shape so I can't remember the last time I was sore from a class.  But after this class not only was I hobbling around this afternoon but I'm also starting to feel soreness in my back, as Jacques noted the upper body component of the workout is not noticeable but you'll feel it later.

I absolutely loved my experience today and feel so accomplished!  I definitely will be back again soon!

Alison B.


I have been working with Jacques DeVore for about 3 months now.  He is very skilled & knows what it takes to reach whatever goal you have. I have a world speed record on a bike as my goal, and my training in the gym is focused on exactly how to achieve my goal. He keeps in contact with me when I'm not in the gym to see how my training and recovery is going to be sure the time in the gym both compliments and supports my training on the bicycle. A true skilled professional trainer that will help you achieve whatever your goal is!

- Denise Mueller


Fabulous workout! Jacques is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. The FUBAR workout is not easy but the trainers are very encouraging, as it takes time to see results. You may be sore after the first few classes, but I guarantee your body and mind will adapt and, as you continue to attend, you will feel better than ever before. By far, one of my favorite workouts.

                                                                                                                - Rosie O.


I must preface this review with explaining that I am NOT an athlete. I've never done any sports and was always the last person picked in PE class.  I didn't start working out seriously until I was well into my 30s.  Now at my age with a busy schedule as well as aches and pains from knee arthritis and an previously injured shoulder, it is most important to me to train smart and efficiency.

There's a TON of fitness places in what makes Sirens & Titans so special?
What I like in my workouts:  EFFICIENCY, personal/individualized attention, personal space, cleanliness, good equipment, hard workouts. I like to go to places where they know my name. I like to have a goal.  I don't need the frills of fancy gyms with lights and fancy flooring, peppy aerobics-type instructors on mikes, etc, etc.  If you need that kind of thing, then go somewhere like West Hollywood or Brentwood.  I love this place because I value my health and time.  I've checked out other places but this program is really amazing.  The strength training is the gem.  They are NOT "fitness classes", they are more comparable to personal training.  They are group personal training sessions.  At their prices, it is a great deal as you cannot pay this price for personal training anywhere.  Trust me.  I've had 3 other personal trainers. 

This is my home "gym" for the past year as I've come to realize that TIME is my most valuable asset.  I dislike big gyms, big classes, crowded spaces with people or equipment close together, running on treadmills, unchallenging or slow workouts, and meaningless exercise. I'm tired of burpees and feel like hour long cardio classes are a waste of time with repetitive meaningless motion that leaves me at a higher risk of injury if I do them incorrectly which is more likely with stress and fatigue or just simply being unaware of incorrect form. I've also learned that it's simply not true that you can "just exercise" to get in shape.  I used to exercise "all the time"...and I was also exhausted and got sick all the time. For real lasting change that limits injury, it's important to stick to something and have a tailored program that safely progresses you in a safe environment.  

If you are on CLASSPASS, try out the FUBAR class.  I pay full price for the elite sessions (2-3 times a week) and combine it with FUBAR classes about once a week.  People ask me all the time if I "like" the FUBAR workout at Sirens.  I always answer this with hesitation because I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I love it because it's so efficient and challenging but I also "hate" it because it's tough. I do the FUBAR classes because it is the most efficient cardio workout that I have ever tried.  I hate cardio workouts...but hey, it's only 30 minutes!  Trust me, I always want to DIE...but it's worth it! I feel much better afterward.  And it's ONLY 30 MINUTES!!!   

Whether you're an athlete or a couch potato, this is the place for you IF YOU ARE READY TO GET SERIOUS about your fitness.  The trainers Jacque, Jens, and Rob all get really excited about helping their clients reach their fitness goals.  I've been amazed as I've seen people's bodies change before my very eyes!  Stick to the nutrition coaching!  Listen to Jacque (the owner) as he really knows what it's talking about!  If you value your health and time as much as I do, check this place out!

                                                                                                                - Lisa Yens

David Iglewicz

I contacted Jacques approximately a year ago after reading about his revolutionary weight training method for cyclists.  I was astonished and very excited that someone with his knowledge and experience would be willing to work with me.

I have now been working with him remotely for 7 months.  During that time I have noticed I am climbing better, and very fast on the flats.  The best improvements I noticed was in my seated sprints.  I naturally had a nice snap standing, but always had trouble with seated sprints.  Now I can do both!  It's like I gained an extra three matches to burn during a race!  Wow!

The most remarkable improvement is the lack of back discomfort on and off the bike.

With the design of the program I functional became stronger and more powerful human.

Thanks so much,
David Iglewicz DMD


Sirens & Titans Fitness has been amazing for me as a busy mom…I’ve got two boys that keep me running from pillar to post, a business that I build while they’re in school and a very supportive, but also busy, traveling husband.  Whenever life gets too packed with events and commitments, the first thing to get removed from my list of things to do is EXERCISE!  Well, that is a thing of the past!  Enter Sirens & Titans Fitness! The beauty of S&TF is that my kick-ass, core building, muscle toning, heart pumping workout is DONE in a just ½ hour…AND I achieve better results in that ½ hour than I do running stairs or doing yoga for an hour! Thank you S&TF for keeping this busy mama fit and happy!

Maggie O.


I'm what you'd call a ClassPass superuser; on average, I go to about eight or nine classes per week. Some of what are considered the more challenging fitness studios are in my regular rotation. The 30 minute FUBAR Versaclimber class is my most dreaded 30 minutes of the week. I'll be upfront: it's not fun, but it's effective. The proprietor, Jacques (and Jens, the other instructor I had) trains elite athletes, and that mentality is reflected in the workout. First and foremost, he is about results. Efficient, friendly and encouraging, he pushes you to break through what you believe your best is - and he would know how to do that as a quick Google search reveals that he's a world record holder in several Versaclimber categories. 

The facility is very spacious, modern, and clean. Street parking can be a little bit of a problem, but the Westside Pavilion is about a five minute walk and there's ample free parking there. If you're someone who is about results, I highly recommend Sirens and Titans Fitness.



S&TF is truly amazing. I've tried many programs out there (Camp Gladiator, LA Fitness, etc.) and S&TF is the only thing that works. These guys know what they're doing! Whatever your fitness goal may be, these guys will help you meet them. I started S&TF to prepare for my wedding. I wanted to lose weight and tone and I did exactly that! Losing weight has always been a challenge for me but I was able to change my body composition with S&TF. I ended up looking 30 lbs lighter just in time for my wedding. I wouldn't have been able to do it without their fitness coaching + guidance. I have also drastically changed my diet due to these guys. I'm eating clean now and it's a lifestyle change/shift. I have no one but S&TF to thank for it. I highly recommend them. I did both the FUBAR Versa Climber (30 min. workout) and small group Strength & Conditioning class (40 min. workout) with them. Extremely time-efficient workouts. Because of S&TF, I can't do an hour long workout anymore! Don't waste your time and money with any other program...really. Thank you Jacques + Rob!

Wendy W.


As a member of Sirens & Titans Fitness I use a combination of the FUBAR VersaClimber Workouts and the Strength & Conditioning Sessions as part of my overall fitness strategy!

As an Elite runner for many years, I think of myself as a highly conditioned athlete.  Well, after my first workout on the VersaClimber at S&TF, I was humbled This workout kicked my butt (Literally)!  My glutes, quads, hamstrings, back, biceps…everything was on fire; but I kept going, motivated by an incredible coaching staff!

The coaching, team spirit and enthusiasm at S&TF are contagious, so no matter how much my body is burning I always push a little bit harder!  That is when I get those elusive results we are all looking for!  I know when I push my body a little beyond what I did before, I improve!

The entire experience at S&TF has pushed me outside of what I ever thought was possible.  I am seeing significant results in my strength, conditioning, mobility, and stability in running and my other sports I participate in,  as well as my overall mental attitude, focus, fortitude.  This fitness center has seriously changed the way I train and look at fitness.  Jacques has taught me so much about nutrition and training- which has only catapulted me into a new level of fitness!  Thank you to S&T Fitness and team for not only changing my body, but changing the way I live my life!  I cannot recommend this place enough to anyone who wants to see results and is willing to put in the effort!  And if you think you’re already in good shape; one session on the VersaClimber will surprise you!

Laura C. 
Elite distance Runner and Triathlete

A comprehensive ass kicking without getting hurt.  Awesome for spiking your testosterone where it should be (fellas) and finishes you off with intervals so your next real life explosive effort is handled.  The best, most reductive, not a cult, longest and shortest 30 minute workout you can do with nice people. just twice a week and after two months the fat ass i was becoming is no longer there.

Noel O.

This is an outstanding gem for anyone looking to reach their next level of fitness. They are incredibly knowledgeable; they have not only pinned down the science behind weight loss and achieving fitness goals, but they are also experts in the field of achieving maximum sustainable power in a variety of sports. Very friendly and attentive staff. Great synergy in their strength and versa climber classes. Incredible value and very effective for leaning down and getting fitter.

Nancy K.

I have worked out at many gyms over the last 20 years, but I have to say Sirens and Titans is by far the best I have ever been to.  What makes it so good?  Well, the Staff are very excellent, the equipment is first rate with some of the more eclectic machines you won't find in other gyms but won't be able to live without after they become part of your routine.  But what really makes Sirens and Titans stand head and shoulders above the crowd is the way they train you.   They train you to achieve your goals, they understand what you need to be working on and how best to build a program to train for a specific goal. Before I joined I had been working out for years, but I hadn't been training.  There is a difference, and the difference in results are significant.  Jacque and his team are first rate trainers and understand the underlying body mechanics behind the exercises you are doing and the reason why correct form on each exercise can be so important.  I love this place.  What more can I say?

Peter S.

Training at Sirens and Titans has been one of the best experiences in my high school career.  I am a collegiate tennis player and i cannot thank Sirens and Titans enough for helping make that dream become a reality.  While the equipment is the best in the business, the most important part to me was Jacques and his team.  They are all extremely knowlegable and care for the success of each client.  I would recommend this gym to anyone from people simply looking to get in shape to professional athletes.

I have been with Titan for seven years and in that time I have been listened to if i needed help, given help if I looked like I needed it, and have become more confident as I've grown older and kept strong and limber.

Matt L. 

Here's what others have to say about us!


The best! The staff and trainers are awesome!

-Chris S.

Truly cutting edge, dynamic workout. Based in science not hype. Jens and Jacque are the real deal.

-Peter M.

Great workouts and great team. These guys go the extra mile to turn exercise into real training, and won't let you give up!

-Emily A.

Jacques is a great person to work with!


Love the personal touch!


High quality, individual training and amazingly personalized diet insights. Well worth the time and money invested!

-Sabrina  A.

I love the place!

-Ray B.

I totally love STF!

-Michelle D.


-Carrick D.